NCF Sunday Worship

Jun 5, 2022    Pastor Bob Becker

“Pastoral Leadership”

In 3 John the Apostle John, the elder, writes a personal letter to Gaius. He writes to thank him for his hospitality since he was willing to care for the representatives John sent to instruct a group of house churches and to deliver to Gaius this personal letter. Diotrephes probably was not a false teacher, but he refuses to listen to the Apostle John and his representatives and is excommunicating from the church anyone who shows hospitality to traveling missionaries even if they come from the Apostle John. John not only has had to rebuke false teachers but now he must correct a leader in the church who is only about putting himself first. What does a pastor do when he has division in the church because a leader is misusing his authority? He pulls to himself those who are faithful in the church including leaders who rightly exercise oversight. He encourages them that they are on the side of truth and are loved by him.