NCF Sunday Worship Livestream - March 5, 2023

Mar 5, 2023    Rev. Cyril Chavis, Jr

We must remember where we came from (death), who got us here (God), and who we are (new creations). 

Forgetfulness can cause us to become lackluster Christians and forget how good goodness is. But the good news is good. We need to recover our passion for the gospel. 

Bio: Rev. Cyril Chavis, Jr.

Rev. Cyril Chavis, Jr. is from Virginia Beach, VA. Cyril gave his life to Jesus Christ during his first year at the University of Virginia, recognizing he was a sinner rebelling against a God who had a glorious design for his life. Soon afterward he sensed a call to the ministry. He graduated from UVA with a BA in Religious Studies and a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson. He led the RUF chapter (Reformed University Fellowship) at Jackson State for four years, then, along with his wife Jenell, moved to DC in 2019 to start a RUF at Howard University. When Cyril’s not at work in ministry, you can find him hanging out with Jenell, goofing off with his kids (Aria, Elise, and Kyrie), or laughing way too hard with friends and family!