NCF Sunday Worship Livestream - December 10, 2023

Dec 10, 2023    Pastor Bob Becker

We struggle to accept that God disciplines whom He loves. It is hard for us to speak of God’s anger against unrepentant sinners during the Christmas season. Jesus’ own coming, however, is an act of God’s anger and love. Acts 17:30-31 says in the past God overlooked people’s ignorance but now he calls all people everywhere to repent. A day is coming when He will judge the world in righteousness. God the Father will do so through His Son Jesus Christ. He has proven this day is coming by raising Jesus Christ from the dead. It is the beginning of the last days. This same Jesus who was born and placed in a manger is the same Jesus who is coming again to judge the living and the dead. This same Jesus received God’s anger and wrath for our sins because He loved us and wants us to receive His love and not His wrath.