NCF Sunday Worship Livestream - June 23, 2024

Jun 23, 2024    Pastor Bob Becker

Sermon Title: “Wake Up!”


The Jews living in exile needed to hear the words of Isaiah 51:9-52:12. They needed to wake up to the message that the time of God’s wrath has passed. The only way to escape His wrath is through His mercy! The message that God comforts His people is as secure as His existence. There is no place for a half-way Christianity. We are on a holy pilgrimage; a pilgrimage that does not lead to social isolation, but isolation from every system of self-salvation. Anything in our lives that is unclean, that in any way contaminates the message of the Gospel, must go. We need to wake up to the fact that God's salvation is spreading. God is extending His grace throughout the world. More and more people, Jews and Gentiles, are looking forward to His homecoming. Are you?