NCF Sunday Worship Livestream - January 14, 2024

Jan 14, 2024    Pastor Bob Becker

Isaiah 7-12 and 36-39 are bookends in the first section of Isaiah. It shows the difference on how two kings of Judah deal with the need to trust God’s reign over the nations. King Ahaz fails to trust God while King Hezekiah trusts in the Lord to save Jerusalem. John Oswalt in his commentary on Isaiah says after the first king failed the test on trusting God, God tutors his people and the future king on why they should trust Him. Why trust the nations who are under God’s judgment (Isaiah 13-23)? Why trust the nations when God controls history (Isaiah 24-27)? Why trust those who foolishly tell you to trust in flesh and blood rather than the Spirit of God (28-35)? Trusting God is the only way the Davidic dynasty, the nation of Israel (Judah) and anyone else can hope to survive.