NCF Sunday Worship Livestream - February 4, 2024

Feb 4, 2024    Pastor Bob Becker

Topic: “Our Sure Foundation”

Sermon Summary:

What are we proud of? The people of Ephraim (10 tribes of Israel) were proud of themselves, their own strength and trusted in the ways of the world, but the remnant of God are empowered by God. They fully trust Him as their only Savior. The Gospel is quite simple. Repent of your sin, turn in faith to Jesus Christ and trust in Him and His work alone for your salvation. God alone through Jesus Christ is our treasure and nothing in the world is more delightful than Him. It is amazing how someone can hear the message of the Gospel to rest alone in Jesus for their salvation and receive it with joy. While someone else can hear the same message and say, “This is dumb. It is not something I need. I am not impressed with Jesus and do not need Him as my Savior.” Either way, God is not going anywhere. He will even use those who are against Him to fulfill His plan to bless and save His remnant.