Growing together.

Please contact Jo Winters to learn more about our events, to volunteer and/or to receive the full schedule of Youth Events at

Sunday Gatherings


New City Fellowship are currently working through the book of Job during the Sunday School hour.
Meet in the 3rd floor of The Tower


We're back at the church building (most Sundays) for games, fun and Bible Study. Join US!!
Meet in the Queen Brown Fellowship Hall
29 – Sharing your Faith Session 2 – Bridge Illustration
5 – Reason for God Session 1 – Is the Bible a Myth? / Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity?
12 – Super Bowl Party – Location TBD
19 – President’s Day Weekend (No Youth Group)
26 – Reason for God Session 2 – There is only One Way to God / What About Other Religions?
5 – Reason for God Session 3 – Why are there so many Rules / How can you tell me what to do?
12 – Stafford County Spring Break (No Youth Group)
19 – Axe Throwing Social - Stafford County Spring Break
26 – Reason for God Session 4 – Why does God allow Suffering / Why is there so much Evil?
2 – Reason for God Session 5 – Why are Christians such Hypocrites?
9 – Easter (No Youth Group)
16 – Reason for God Session 6 – How is God full of Love and Wrath / Why do Good People go to Hell?
21 & 22 – Friday Night Campout – (Possibly at the Thomasson’s)
30 – Knowing God’s Will – How do we determine God’s Will in our Lives?
7 – Social – Game Night – Fun, Friends, and Food
14 – Mother’s Day (No Youth Group)
21 – Personal Testimony – How to talk about your walk with God
28 – Memorial Day Weekend (No Youth Group)
4 – Single Verse Evangelism – Sharing the Gospel with just 1 memory verse
11 – Genuine Love in Action – Deliberate decision of the Will and an Attitude of Humility
18 – Father’s Day (No Youth Group)
21 – 24 – Youth Retreat - Creation Music Festival (Agape Farms, PA)
25 – Post Youth Retreat (No Youth Group)

Mid-week Gatherings and Special Events

The New City Youth participate in many of the Special Events hosted by NCF. Our Youth serve at Vacation Bible School, Trunk or Treat and A Night in Bethlehem Christmas celebration. The Youth frequently engage the community through Service Projects and hosting the Rise Against Hunger Meal Packaging Event.

There are other fun gatherings scheduled throughout the year to include: Axe Throwing, Pool/Lake Parties, Belvedere Hay Rides and more!