NCF's "The Sunday Sermon" - September 24, 2023

Sep 24, 2023    Pastor Bob Becker

On our church sign we have the words, “A Cross-Cultural Church.” Some believe such words should not go on a sign unless your church is racially diverse. It is not about success, but about obedience. Every church is about crossing all boundaries through the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus in this text crosses all boundaries and brings healing to people from many different walks of life. He heals those who are marginalized due to their illness, ethnicity, or gender. Jesus heals the leper, a Gentile centurion, and a woman. No church should have to put messages on their sign like “A Cross-cultural Church” because all churches should seek to do what Jesus did. Jesus was intentional about crossing boundaries with the healing message of the Gospel. Shouldn’t we do likewise?