NCF Sunday Worship

Aug 14, 2022    Pastor Bob Becker

The first 4 commandments are considered the first tablet of the Law because they deal with our relationship to God. We are commanded to show our love for God by worshipping Him only, by not making graven images of Him or any other god, by not taking His name in vain and by setting apart the Sabbath day as holy celebrating Him and all He has done for His people. The next 6 commandments, the second tablet, are showing our love for God by how we love other people whom God has created in His image. God begins with the family. We show love for God by honoring the authorities he has placed over us beginning with our parents. Western culture is experiencing a crisis of authority because they have neglected obeying the 5th commandment. Even if many parents in our culture today do not expect their children to honor and obey them, Christian parents should teach and expect their children to obey their proper exercise of authority (TableTalk). Why? When children do not respect the authority of their parents, they end up not respecting any authority. Augustine of Hippo comments: “It’s your parents you see when you first open your eyes, and it is their friendship that lays down the first strands of this life. If anyone fails to honor his parents, is there anyone he will spare?”