NCF's "The Sunday Sermon" - November 19, 2023

Nov 19, 2023    Pastor Bob Becker

King Ahaz does not want a sign from the Lord, but God gives him one nonetheless. The sign is the birth of Immanuel—God with us. This sign came in Isaiah’s day through his son, but ultimately through Jesus Christ. Ahaz has two army’s camped outside the walls of Jerusalem—the armies of Israel and Syria. Will he and the people of Judah trust in God or in themselves? Ahaz’s reaction is one of distrust, and yet God still delivers. He judges Israel and Syria through the armies of Assyria and takes the people of Israel into exile. God shows he is present during the crises of our lives. If we trust in Him, He will save us. If we do not trust in Him, He will discipline us. God would rather save us.